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13 March 2009

Beauty: Sex, Lies and Photoshop (Bonus Links)

i know i've already written my blog for the week, but i keep stumbling upon online articles, advertisements and videos that seem to dwell back to what our cultures view of beauty seems to be.

for example, click this link for an online article from displaying the amount of photoshop enhancements that take place in hollywood in regards to actors & actresses, and their appearance on screen.

or click here to see an ad ran in the san antonio express news for an upcoming makeover event in dallas, fittingly entitled 'beauty live'

also, click here to see a video from the new york times documenting the amount of 'touch-up' that goes into practically every photograph that we see in magazines and on billboards, and the effects it can have on an individuals self esteem.

it's no wonder we live in a culture obsessed with outward appearance, and with very few people actually satisfied with what they look like. when the people we're trying to emulate don't even look in real life how we see them in photographs and movies, what chance do we have?


  1. My wife has always highlighted the fact that most photos are heavily edited...and hence, "I'm the only real thing in your world" as she says...

  2. Man, you're right. We are obsessed with a complete mirage - a beauty that does not even exist!

  3. Try fighting this battle with a teenage daughter constantly bombarded with these images.

    It often seems like an impossible task to instill in comes from within.