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02 March 2009

DNPG-DNC$200: an efficiency confession

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and the most efficient way to get there is to increase speed, right? There is an implied correlary of relationship between those life lessons. I value efficiency (not over quality or end result) in general. This appreciation has contributed to what my wife sometimes refers to as a "lead foot" in driving.

I used to be in a job that involved driving lots of places with jam-packed schedules of appointments. I once got 2 tickets in the same city within an hour - 1 for going 9 over while driving in the slow lane of an interstate. After that experience I bought a radar detector since it was the logically cheaper alternative than paying for another ticket the next time I was in that market (right?). In Chicago you'll get honked at by the cops if you're not going at least 15-20 mph above the speed limit.

So what's the jury think about efficient transit - i.e. "speeding"? Is it relative? This is a confessional inquiry...


  1. I've never been ticketed, not because there aren't cops who will pull you over, but because I'm a smart speeder. I go with the flow of traffic. When I'm speeding and passing others, I'm courteous - I'm not wildly swerving through traffic like a tool who doesn't know how to use his signal. And I don't feel guilty about it!

  2. Ummm...boy, now you're meddling (read: I'm in the same boat). :)

    I think the conflict isn't really between the "letter of the law" versus the "spirit of the law" but rather the conflict we find in Romans 7--doing what we aren't supposed to do versus not doing what we're supposed to do. Paul was right about being a wretch and needing rescue from this body of death.

    Now, this had better not apply to walking--because I'm guilty of excessive speeding in the hallways at school. :)

  3. if you have to ask if it is relative...

    then maybe there is an issue.

    or maybe not.

    was that helpful?

    (no, it wasn't.)

  4. Does the game of monopoly have speeding tickets? Have i gone through 20 years of monopolizing and been cheated out of an ability to be an issuer of tickets rather just another receiver? If i have i officially declare a do over!!!