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05 March 2009

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200: Monopolizing thought

Monopolizing thought is a scary thing. Centralizing power is a risky proposition. In the game Monopoly, someone is supposed to win. (Not that anyone has ever seen a game played to the last dollar in the history of ever.) So one person controls all the money and all the property due to a combination of luck and skill. Looking at the games I have played of Monopoly, the most fun is the beginning. Everyone has some money and a shot to build an empire.

I am for a game that teaches personal finance to people, but not one that teaches gain all the power and push everyone else out. The monopoly is a giant threat to a capitalistic society, but we live with them every day. Major League Baseball has a government sanctioned monopoly over top tier professional baseball in the US. There is no alternative equivalent, only the steroid enhanced big league players of the MLB.

You hear about the Wal-Mart's and KKY Zippers of the world, but may not think of "our political heroes" as being a monopoly. I don't propose competing governments (taxes are high as it is), but diversity of ideas. I hope that someday there are more than left and right, or D's & R's, or liberals and conservatives. I would like to hear the third party platforms get a larger/louder voice. Maybe the Socialist movement has a great plan for the FDA that keeps tainted food off our plates. Maybe the Green Party has a plank or two in their platform that could address health care concerns. Maybe we sound take more time to look at who is out there and what they have to say. Free up the political thought market and allow some competition.

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