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21 January 2009

Art: and it's power

Art, whether it’s a painting, photograph, movie, music, book or writing, has power to move. Move to action. Move to tears. Move to worship. Move to remember.

Art is powerful for the artist revealing their work of dedication with passion and vulnerability. But also, for the spectator whose life is often imprinted and changed by the artist’s work.

Like this man…changed by this picture…

Art can give you a glimpse into a world you never knew, stir up hope for things to come, break your heart over things that are, and take you back to wonderful or horrible things that were.

Art reveals. It reveals opposing forces. One side being this world as it is, but shouldn’t be…man struggling, chaos, fighting to survive, desperately pining and searching for something that isn’t found from this world. But, the other side reveals things as they were meant to be…man redeemed, peace, living abundantly, fulfilled and satisfied in being called and known by God.

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