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19 January 2009

ART: pARTicipate

how easy is it to just go through the motions of life. to live, but not really feel alive? to be in this world, but unable to feel like you’re participating in anything?

why don’t we participate… why do we draw back? perhaps because in order to take part in something, we have to know how we feel about actual issues and circumstances? we have to make a conscience effort to actually do something? perhaps we’d rather someone else do the dirty work for us? maybe there’s ridicule, embarrassment, shame, a fear of failure? why are we so good at making excuses?

aren’t we all called to do, and not just stand by idle while the rest of the world flies by? we all have the ability create, to participate.

yesterday, katy and i started a life group at our house. honestly, neither of us were certain that it was exactly what we wanted to do. we occasionally let our focus slip back to the past, the problems, the failures, which hindered us from looking at the possibilities at hand. we were called to lead, so we led…but with a cautious demeanor. it wasn’t until everyone arrived last night that we realized that we were ready to participate again, fully. We were no longer making excuses…


  1. Amen! Good to hear bro. May God bless your life group and the two of you.

  2. One thing that interests me about art is that what to one person is art, to the other is merely a drawing. The reason I venture, is that art speaks to outer dimensions of the soul, and at that level you will get highly varied responses. Think of art that employs light well, they speak to much wider range of people because it reaches deeper.

    Folks, if you can invite me, I'd be glad to try and contribute from time to time.