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28 January 2009

Victory: stream of question-ness

What does it look like to have victory?
Who is victorious?
Do you have to write the history books as the victor?
Couldn't you leave that to the defeated?
What responsibility do you have to the defeated?
If you get to make the rules are you the victor?
How many do you need to make to be victorious over an issue?
Is victory fuller or more hollow in a split decision as opposed to a shut-out?
Is total victory more or less victorious than near defeat?
Is defeat victory if the goal was reached?
If the end is victory, what of the means?
Was it shopping victoriously or just shopping?
Is scoreboard all that matters?
Is there a scoreboard in life? Heaven? Hell? Thursday's commute?
What's your score?
Who's keeping it?
Are you winning?
What victory can you claim as yours?
Did you earn it?
When did you claim it?

Do I live my life in degrees of victory or with the reality of Total Victory?

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