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27 January 2009

Victory: Simple and Effective

when i hear the word victory, my mind immediately jumps to thoughts of celebrating a win in a sporting event. i’m sure almost all of us have experienced that type of emotion at some point throughout the course of our lives…hopefully many times. i can still recall that adrenaline rush, that sense of accomplishment, the payoff for the weeks and months of hard work and sacrifice. those moments create memories that we’re sure to remember long after the game is over.

but what about when the games are over…what happens then? when we’ve moved on from that chapter in our lives but the desire to compete and the thirst for winning is still there. how do we quench that thirst?

well, i believe that the victory is still there…but the payoff comes in different forms. it could come as a promotion at work. after months and months of hard work and dedication to your employer, the payoff arrives. or perhaps a college graduation ceremony and diploma is your reward for several (perhaps 13) long years of sacrifice and persistence.

or, what if victory was something much simpler. what if we took joy in the small achievements that make up the larger. how about a simple “thank you”, or a pat on the back for a job well done. i don’t know about you, but i can’t think of many things more gratifying than someone acknowledging the effort. it’s amazing how something so simple (and free) can be so effective.


  1. really? a pat on the back and thank you is the new "victory?" Victory is about gratifying feelings?

  2. sure...why not? why does victory have to be some big, huge production? victory is what you make of it. if someone feels a sense of accomplishment when they get a pat on the back, then so be it. i wouldn't say it's "the" new victory, but to some it may be.