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01 January 2009

Resolution: Remove the Static

there are several different directions to go with the single word “resolution”. the first one that came to mind was the ever popular new year’s resolution, seeing as its new years day and all. my problem with that is, i was never any good at making them, and absolutely horrible at keeping them. even the word spells it out for you, re-solution…meaning you already know how to remedy the issue…in fact, it’s probably already been attempted half-heartily several times; thus the “re”.

i like this version better…it’s like the resolution on a television. i know, the era of rabbit ears is just about over, but take that trip down nostalgia lane with me for a second. the purpose of gaining better resolution on a tv is to see a clearer picture. and in order to accomplish that, modification had to be made…constantly. if the picture was fuzzy, you had to stop and ask yourself why? you wouldn’t continue to watch a fuzzy screen if there was a fix at hand, would you? so why do we so often allow the static in our lives, rather than finding and implementing the solution? now, thanks to technology, cable, hd, plasma screens, etc., the days of constant tinkering to gain television resolution are just about over. but perhaps something is lost on all of that…the ability to step back and assess the situation. the thought to ask the question “why?”.

why do we do some of the things we do? can we do things differently? make modifications to our routine, even if it’s already fairly clear…remove the static.


  1. This makes me think of JH's montra of "focus is the art of elimination," and how often clarity or "resolution" requires filtering out competing forces. I think I'll some of that to do in 2009...

  2. Hey Mike love the question of "why" mentor of years back taught me that one as the key to getting to the root in generating solutions...fits nicely with re-solution...well done.

  3. Oops...I meant "Jeff"! :-)

  4. "Modification is constant"...hmm, that's good.