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12 February 2009

Idol: of fetish-like convictions and leggoing my eggo

I went to the rodeo last night. Thousands of people watching men and women of all ages ride, rope, chase, and sometimes evade bulls, horses, sheep and bucking quadrupeds of all kinds. Regardless of our technologies, there's something fascinating about watching fragile humans take on large animals in feats of resiliency and determination. At the end of various events the winner would ride around the floor behind a sponsored flag. I couldn't help but laugh watching a mighty cowboy parading around victoriously behind an Eggo-branded flag and rider! How macho is that - riding in the wake of Mr. Waffle?

Whether waffles are superior to pancakes, french toast or crepes is too great a matter for this forum. However, it is peculiar how enthusiastically committed both the victor cowboy and patron saint of waffle-land rode around in quasi-allegiance to the Eggo. I struggle with assenting to full allegiance to a national flag (I'm an alien here), but to embrace a brand, a food product?

Oswald Chambers was quoted as saying, "Don't make a fetish of your own convictions." The context is in regards to how easily we let a subject or opinion consume us to the point of being in competition for our full allegiance. We let simple (not necessarily insignificant) matters drive us to division, discord, distraction and subtle idolatry. The Sabbath matters more than the Messiah or His ancient mission of restoring shalom. The type of music and devices employed for worship shears communion of the saints. One humanitarian cause demands all other adherents to fully convert or be labeled as lacking compassion.

I believe "holy discontents" have a very real function...but am wary of how quietly a conviction can become a coup d'etat for allegiance, will and kingdoms. I pray my convictions - no matter how Godly - never usurp my devotion to His Kingdom, His will...on earth as it is Heaven.

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  1. Ha, Mike at a rodeo...I want to see pictures. I suppose the cowboy should be thankful that it was a "tame" company endorsement. I can think of a good number of companies which I would rather not ride before.