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26 February 2009

King: An uncomfortable state

In the popular children's book, Where the Wild Things Are, Max is sent to his room without supper as he is behaving mischievously. There, he imagines a world where he stares the wild things down and becomes King of all wild things. This is only a fleeting moment, as he begins to yearn for a warm meal and the comfort of home. 

I identify with this story, as sometimes I can feel like I am a King at work, or playing sports, or hanging out with friends, but it only lasts so long. Home is comfortable, inviting, and offers unconditional love. As a King you are constantly judged and you are only as good as your last action, speech, work, etc...At home you are free to show your imperfections around the ones you love. So, is it good to be King? Or do all of us yearn to be home for a warm supper?

Where the Wild Things Are soon to be adapted into a movie by Spike Jonze. 

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