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01 February 2009

Victory: Not Without Sacrifice

The moment of victory is the pinnacle, climax, culmination of much hard work, passion, devotion and…sacrifice.

I love…LOVE the Olympics!

I get enthralled in them every two years. Everything about it…The musical theme (it get’s stuck in my head). So many countries (I will admit, some I’ve never heard of) coming together to compete in the sport they love and have worked hours on end perfecting… striving for victory. I love and I’m moved by the stories of, “overcoming the odds” and some even competing for a better life for their families. Stories of victory in the face of political upheaval and countries at war. Fighting for victory, but not without cost.
Stories like Jesse Owens, who achieved gold in the face of Nazi racism. Or, Abebe Bikila. The Ethiopian who won a marathon…barefooted, and then returned to defend and reclaim his title. Nadia Comaneci, the Romanian, first to score perfect 10. In 1980 was the “Miracle on Ice,” when the US hockey team beat the Soviets. And, of course,…Michael Phelps. The Olympian to win the most gold medals. I’m not so obsessed that I have a “ Phelps Phan” T-shirt, but I would say that what he did is awe-inspiring. I was jumping in my living room, yelling at the TV as I watched him win by a length of time that’s just barely able to be calculated. What victory! But, not without sacrifice. I saw an interview with his coach, Bob Bowmen, talking about how much he has missed for the sake of reaching this goal set when he was 11. To basically eat, swim and sleep. But…it was worth the reward.

I love these stories for obvious reasons. They’re great stories of man striving and sacrificing to achieve great victory. I also love these stories for how they move and ignite me. To think of living my life the same way. run with endurance the race set before me. The one my God has called me to. To strive and sacrifice my plans and selfishness for the sake of a greater reward. The reward of walking in victory over sin and death because Jesus paid my debt on the cross.

Victory…comes only after sacrifice.

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