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14 February 2009

Idol: what false reality?

From the dawning of man we have wanted to escape from our present reality. Yes….I think that apple looks delicious.

It comes in many forms, but one of the more clearly observable forms is the idolization of something/someone. Ancient Greece’s would throw big rocks, wrestle, and run around. These Grecian were the first “Olympian’s” and they were idolized. As the citizenry of Greece would watch they were instantly transported to another reality beyond themselves for a while they could insert themselves into a reality which is perceived to be more glamorous, comfortable, interesting, etc. It was the desire to be something/someone which they were not.

Fast forward to today and there are seemingly infinite ways of passing the time and getting out of your present reality. Now there is a fine line between amusement and all out idolization. It is interesting how “human morality” can clearly see when the line has been crossed, i.e. stalkers, etc. But when I think about all the time that humans spend at movies, sporting events, reading gossip magazines, etc.…….or more perversely; strip clubs, drug dens, habitual gambling, etc. it does make me wonder how truly unhappy people are that they would try to escape from their “current state” with this idolization of the person, the situation, etc. It is also interesting (dare I say shocking) at how grey “human morality” can be to the aforementioned perverse escapes.

As I alluded to, idol worship doesn’t have to stop at a person or even a deity. I would contend that the person or deity (made from stone, metal….or even cardboard), is a means to an end. The “end”, is to escape the present situation(s) and not have to think/worry about the future.


  1. escape mechanisms...I like the angle.

  2. in the escape, we are not merely seeking emptiness though.

    we are seeking whole hearts in misapplied manners. at the strip club, we seek intimacy. at the sports field, we yearn for transcendence. in the gossip pages, we long for glory.

    the solution we often offer is to avoid such "vices". wouldn't we get better traction by offering the true fulfillment of what is being sought?