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04 February 2009

My Greatest Fear: Clowns

Truly. But also, seriously...

My Greatest Fear: Living a life out of balance

I tend to question the balance in my life quite often. I fear living a life that was not balanced in a way that is pleasing to my Father. The questions come…

- Am I spending enough time with my wife? She deserves it and our relationship is the foundation of all our other relationships.
- Am I spending enough time with my kids? They don't need my money, they need me.
Am I instructing them the way I 'should'? May they be like trees planted near streams of living water…
- Do I love the LORD more than my wife and children? Really? Honestly?
- Am I spending enough time in prayer/study/worship/service/etc?
- Am I studying enough for school? Am I studying too much? I certainly need to take advantage of the opportunity for advanced education.
- Am I working hard enough at my career? Not everyone has a job. I know what it is like to be looking for work. If I work extremely hard, will my efforts be rewarded? Is the reward what matters or should I work for other reasons?
- What about me? Do I need 'me' time?

There are many more questions than this, but I think the fear comes from the contemplation of the balancing act. Ultimately, I think we are all tasked with stewardship of limited resources. Summarily, I am left petitioning the Creator to increase my faithfulness as a steward of time, talent, treasure, truth, and relationships. The circus-like balancing act of life is not something for us to tackle alone. We practice and ultimately seek divine Providence to choose the right plates to spin, how to keep them spinning, and when it is OK to let some fall.


  1. the hardest part for me is often in figuring out which plates are worthy to keep spinning...

  2. is that ben afleck in the picture? is that what he's up to now?