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26 February 2009

King:a few Kings you should know

Martin Luther King Jr.-check earlier post
Rodney King-Black man beaten by LAPD and one of the sparks of the Race Riots in Los Angeles in 1992
Stephen King-Author of suspense and thriller books that end up as movies
Sacramento Kings-a group of kings that play basketball in California
King James-NBA phenom or commissioner of an English translation of the Bible
Kaki King-crazy good guitar player lady
B.B. King-crazy good guitar player dude with diabetes
Larry King-Check CNN any time you want an look for suspenders
King College-not were you learn to be Kingly, but a 4 year college in Bristol TN or London England or any of the other schools fighting over the name
King Cake-a desert associated with Marti Gras in which a figurine of a baby is placed
"The" King-Creepy masked man who promotes Burger King products
"The King"-Elvis Presley
King-a town in Ontario
Carol King-musician and member of Songwriting and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
King Tut-Egyptian Pharaoh who's tomb was discovered in the Vally of the Kings in 1922
King Crimson-English progressive rock band from the 1970's
Peter King-Republican Rep. from New York
King Koopa-arch nemesis of the Mario Brothers
Smoothie King-pervayer of yogurt based/over priced sweet mush in a cup
LA Kings-Hockey players from other country's that play professionally in Southern California
Kottonmouth Kings-Hip-Hop act, into Cannabis but would probably spell it with a K
Latin Kings-Street gang or Swedish hip-hop group or comedy tour
King Edward-a line of Kings of England or a tobacconist
King Cobra-venomous snake from India
King Arthur-fictional King of England with a round table and sweet sword
King Cab-the 4 door cab of a Nissan Truck
California King-a bed for people who don't fit on a regular King size bed
Joe King-guitarist of the Fray and man with an unfortunate name
King Ranch-located near Kingsville Texas and used for hunting, ranching, and farming
Storm King-an Imperial Stout from Victory Brewing


  1. i very much enjoyed that! gotta love anything with a mario bros reference...thanks!


  2. It must be noted that a Califonia king bed could be for people who just choose not to find onto a regular king bed. PC-ness aside, Joe King: now that's hilarious!