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02 February 2009

My Greatest Fear: Being “That Guy”

we’ve all seen “that guy”. he shops at the same supermarkets as us. he fills up right next to us at the gas station. he even attends our church services. who knows, perhaps someone reading this right now is “that guy”.

“that guy” is the person who doesn’t quite dress the right way, use the right words or deliver the right actions on a consistent basis. he’s a little off… a bit different… doesn’t fit the mold that is easy on the eyes of society. “that guy” is a bit rough around the edges, shy, awkward, rude, or insecure. that guy may even feel like he lives his life under a microscope in the public eye, being judged with every step or action.

now, my greatest fear isn’t being “that guy”, but having the hypocritical heart and mind to so quickly point out who he is. unfortunately, i feel i face my greatest fear all too often. and when i do that, being “that guy” doesn’t seem so bad afterall.

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